Ideas to get San Francisco Bay Area employees back to the office

The Covid-19 pandemic had many employees across the U.S. working from home. Companies are now planning how to welcome employees back into the office in the new year.  So, how can San Francisco Bay Area businesses welcome employees back into a safe and comfortable office environment? Well, we had a few thoughts around this very topic. We hope this blog inspires you to create fun and engaging ideas to transition employees into the workplace.

Upgrade your San Francisco Bay Area vending machine

Take a good look at your break room. Are the vending machines outdated and old? Are the products expired? If you notice that your employees don’t buy anything from the machine, then it’s time for an upgrade. We offer modern San Francisco Bay Area vending machines that are energy efficient. They also accept mobile wallet and credit card payments.  In addition, we can remotely track product inventory to keep your favorite snacks and beverages in stock.  Upgrading your vending machines is a small yet effective way to spruce up the company break room.

A cafe in the break room is a good bet

If vending isn’t going to cut it, then try a more dramatic solution. Transform the breakroom into a San Francisco Bay Area micro-market. In other words, create a cafe in your office. You’ll be able to offer employees meals, snacks, and beverages to enjoy 24/7. They can pay for products using their smartphones, credit cards, or cash at a self-service kiosk. Of course, we’ll keep it stocked with the products your office wants.  We recommend you host fun activities and friendly competitions to build a better office culture. And, offer employees credits towards their micro-market accounts as prizes. These credits work much like gift cards to allow them to get free refreshments. After all, who doesn’t love a free lunch?

Host a tasting in the office

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We’ll help you host a tasting event with your employees. Imagine how excited they will be! We’ll bring delicious products and healthy options to your office. And, your employees will be able to taste and vote on which products they want as part of their San Francisco Bay Area micro-market, or office pantry refreshment services. It’s your chance to make it a fun team-building event. Most importantly, it gives employees the opportunity to build social bonds that were interrupted during the pandemic.

Make a coffee date

Here’s a fun idea,  host “coffee dates” in the office. It’s easy. You pair up employees at random from different departments once a month and host a casual coffee break. Employees can use that time to get to know each other. Don’t set a formal agenda. Let the employees guide the conversation. It will help them to get to know each other and improve overall office morale. We can help you by offering premium San Francisco Bay Area coffee and tea brewed in state-of-the-art brewers. Oh yes, and we should mention that employees can brew coffee using just their smartphone with our De Jong Duke brewer.

Show the love with free food in your San Francisco Bay Area office

If you’re really looking to woo employees back into the office, may we suggest an office pantry service? You can set your company apart from others by offering free grab-and-go refreshments in the office. It’s well known that employees love getting free food and snacks. Above all, employees work hard and they will appreciate that you are thinking about their needs.

Welcome employees back with refreshments

To sum up, we understand that you may be planning to reintroduce employees back to the office. Furthermore, with a thoughtful approach, you can make this process easy for them. We hope we’ve given you some ideas on how you make refreshments part of your plan.

For more information about micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, vending, or cash & carry services for your San Francisco Bay Area break room, contact Bayco Vending at 650-589-5252 or baycovending@sbcglobal.netWe look forward to working with you!