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Office Coffee Service from San Francisco to San Jose

Offering an office coffee service on site can be a boom for your business. That’s because employees can get their daily fix at the office, rather than going off site. This means more time in the office, and more time being pro

Assorted Coffees – From single cup brewers to full pots, we offer quality brands including Flavia, Keurig, Starbucks, First Café, Euro Coffee, Peet’s, Wolfgang Puck and many more.

Teas – A great vending company can’t forget about those many people who prefer tea over coffee. Whether you’re looking for a simple Earl Grey, or something more sophisticated like a vanilla chai, we carry countless flavors from major brands like Lipton, Bigelow and Tazo.

Specialty Drinks – Drinking coffee isn’t just a beverage for some; it’s an identity. We recognize this by offering those specialty drinks that so many crave, such as lattes, cappuccinos, mochacinnos and hot chocolates. Regardless of a person’s unique tastes, we offer a beverage to match their unique palates…and to improve morale.


With a name like Bayco, it has to be San Francisco’s best vending company. Call 650-589-5252 or e-mail info@baycovending.com to set up your free, no-obligation consultation.

These brands of coffee and equipment are represented by First Choice Coffee Services.