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Vending Machines from San Francisco to San Jose

If you’re looking to provide a unique fringe benefit to your employees, look into Bayco’s free vend program. Essentially, free vend is for companies that want to pay for all of their employee’s snack or drink costs.

Perhaps these are companies that already provide for their employees by buying items from a local big-box discount store and want to streamline the process. In other cases, it’s companies understanding that by offering free items, they can actually improve office productivity by keeping employees in the office, while also improving morale.  

Whatever the reason for considering free vending, Bayco Vending offers everything you need to pull it off. We manage your breakroom. We set up your space with cereal dispensers, racks, ice cream freezers, coffee machines and more. We come in on a regular basis to maintain and stock your space, while providing a detailed report on all the products used. Basically, we handle all the logistics that a free vend approach requires.


Free vending programs are also a great way to promote healthier lifestyles, as you select the items offered, which includes a wide variety of healthy food, snack and beverage options.

With a name like Bayco, it has to be San Francisco’s best vending company. Call 650-589-5252 or e-mail info@baycovending.com to set up your free, no-obligation consultation.