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Healthy Vending Machines from San Francisco to San Jose

Bayco Vending understands that today’s consumers are becoming more and more health conscious. Rather than resist this trend, we’ve embraced it, with a wide variety of healthier alternatives offering lower sugar, calories, sodium and fat. This doesn’t mean you can’t have the snacks you know and love. We stock a variety of alternative food products to the standard beverages, chips, candy bars and cookies that offer great taste with less guilt.

Beyond snacks and foods, we also stock a wide variety of healthy beverages, including bottled waters, flavored waters, juices, teas, Vitamin waters, diet sodas and low calorie sports drinks, such as Propel and G2.

As a member of NAMA, we take part in the Fit Pick Program. This helps identify healthier choices, making it easier for the consumer to choose healthier items. In order for an item to be considered for the healthy vending program, it must have 200 calories or less per serving, and no more than 35 percent of those calories can come from fat. It also must be low in saturated fats.  


With a name like Bayco, it has to be San Francisco’s best vending company. Call 650-589-5252 or e-mail info@baycovending.com to set up your free, no-obligation consultation.