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Single Cup

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Why should you consider a single cup brewer? From less mess, to greater convenience, to avoiding burned pots of coffee while catering to everyone’s tastes, the benefits go on and on. Single cup brewers basically allow anyone to brew a great cup of coffee customized to their own unique tastes. One can select from three levels of coffee strength: mild, medium and bold. The ability to select coffee profiles is also possible, such as adjusting the pre-infusion process, selecting brew volume and determining water contact time.

Single cup brewing options have become popular choices for many types of clients, and that’s why First Choice Coffee Services has become an authorized distributor for both Keurig and Flavia brands.  


Single cup brewers are a great choice for people who prefer specialty drinks, as café lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolates and more are readily available.

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These brands of coffee and equipment are represented by First Choice Coffee Services.