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Custom micro-markets that fit your needs

Maximize productivity and increase employee satisfaction with a Micro-Market. A customized self-checkout convenience store located right in your break room.

Lower employee costs with a subsidized mico-market through a partial or full subsidy.

Keep employees on-site with the ultimate break room to enjoy a range of snacks, foods, and beverages.

Access hundreds of snacks and foods that are safely pre-packaged for your break room.

Every office is different. Personalize your micro-market based on your unique needs.

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Get your daily
coffee or tea fix

We take care of all support and service so that you can get your daily fix of high quality coffee or tea. You won’t need to leave the office to find that perfect cup.

Eliminate “coffee runs” and get your “daily fix” in your very own break room.

Our team can create the ideal office coffee package with trusted brands to offer you a range of gourmet coffees, and teas.

Brew the perfect cup using touchless technology right from your mobile phone.

Go green while you brew with our eco-friendly coffee products, biodegradable supplies, and fair-trade coffee.

Brew up delicious

Grab n' go
office pantry service

We know employees love free food. We offer easy access to grab-and-go options so that you can stay refreshed throughout the day. We’ll handle the logistics and everything else so you can enjoy productive and
happy employees.

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Cutting-edge technology
enhances the customer experience

It’s at the forefront of our business. It's built into the equipment to give you best-in-class service.

Wireless product management technology allows us to check your inventory with real-time reporting.
Our customers can go touchless and pay for products using just their phone.
Our machines are energy efficient and include LED lighting to cut down on energy consumption and expense.
Our mobile app, MR-1, allows customers to quickly and easily contact us.

State-of-the-art vending

Got a craving? We can satisfy it with a wide variety of snacks, beverages, fresh foods or frozen items customized for your break room. We monitor our vending machines 24/7 to make sure they are always well stocked.

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Healthy options for
a healthy you

We care about your health and wellness and will help you identify which products meet nutritious guidelines so you’ll always have access to healthy foods, snacks
and beverages.

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Here’s what our clients are saying

  • Bayco vending is more than just a company, it is a part of the community. They have generously sponsored multiple children's safety events, enabling us to provide essential pieces of safety equipment to families. We are proud to have the support of BayCo Vending, and appreciate all they have done for our program!
  • Hello Ben & Elayzia, I’m taking a couple of minutes out of my day to personally thank the Bayco Vending Team for the outstanding job. Bayco Vending helped us design a well-thought-out and functioning Micro Market inclusive of numerous products of known brand-name food options. The consumable snacks and sandwiches are rotated often providing multiple choices reducing food choice boredom this combined with a timely replenishing system, has won over our employees. Perhaps the price point may have contributed to winning them over. Thanks again for the great Bayco Micro Market support and I’m looking forward to our continued food option success.
  • We have been using Bayco Vending since 2017. They've created a self-serve convenience store within our break room; it’s a great set-up. They offer a large variety of beverages and foods, including healthy, fresh-prepared sandwiches, frozen entrees and ice cream novelties. They have healthy snacks, chips and candy, as well as a coffee vending machine. They provide excellent service and do a great job keeping up with our requests. They have also generously supplied us with refrigerators for our employees to use.

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