What is a Subsidized

A subsidized micro-market allows the company to pay for some or all of the micro-market thereby making it cost-effective or free to employees. The market offers a variety of refreshments including fresh food, beverages, and snacks so employees can stay energized and engaged all day long.

Employees can pay for products at a secure, self-serve kiosk using cash, credit card, or mobile wallet making the experience simple, accessible, and affordable.

Enjoy the benefits your breakroom deserves

Reimagine the break room with a micro-market cafe

Many businesses are reconsidering costly on-site cafeterias and making the change to partial or fully subsidized micro-markets.

As an unattended retail space, the micro-market is a cost-effective solution. The company will not need to hire anyone to manage it.

The company can use the micro-market to recognize employee performance, achievements and milestones.

The micro-market solution offers flexibility. A hybrid micro-market would consist of some products that are free while other products are full price or partially reduced.

Use the micro-market as a perk for employee retention and talent acquisition.

BayCo Vending offers personalized micro-market solutions
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