Vending machines and office coffee service in Belmont

Belmont Vending Services that will Elevate Your Break Room

Are you looking to add more refreshment options to your Belmont break room? Our Belmont vending machines are a great choice. Using latest technology, our vending machines offer a wide range of refreshments. From snacks to refreshing beverages and healthy lunch options, our vending machines have what you need. Your Belmont staff can pay for refreshments using cash, a credit card, or a mobile wallet. Thanks to remote monitoring, we can keep track of your inventory in real-time and replenish your refreshments as needed. Plus, we can customize our vending machine products to cater to your team’s favorite items.

Brew up Inspiration with Our Belmont Office Coffee Service and Water Filtration

Inspire your staff with a unique coffee and tea bar in your Belmont break room. Our Belmont office coffee service allows your staff to make specialty drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos onsite! Your staff will love choosing their favorite drink from a single-cup or bean-to-cup machine. Or, add a traditional coffee brewer to your office to serve java during meetings. Our office coffee service also includes creamer, stirrers, sugar, napkins, and everything you need for a great coffee experience. Keep your staff well-hydrated by also adding our Belmont water filtration service. We offer countertop and standing water filtration systems that improve the taste of water.

Micro markets and pantry services in Belmont

Make Refreshments Available 24/7 With a Belmont Micro-Market

Our Belmont micro-market service helps you design a custom open market for your break room. Fill it with your staff’s favorite snacks, beverages, and meals. Just imagine glass-front coolers offering fresh salads, sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, and refreshing beverages. A micro-market transforms your Belmont break room into a mini store. Open 24/7, your staff can easily pick up a healthy snack or lunch without leaving the building. Check-out is simple thanks to a self-serve kiosk that accepts credit card and mobile wallet payments. Our remote monitoring system helps us track your inventory and keep your refreshments fully stocked. Treat your Belmont staff to a micro-market in your break room!

A Belmont Office Pantry Can Set Your
Organization Apart

Not every company can boast an office pantry offering complimentary refreshments. This popular employee perk is not only great for boosting morale, but it can also help you attract new talent. Our Belmont office pantry service is completely customizable. Choose the refreshments you’d like to offer your staff, and we’ll set it all up. This upgrade will help make your Belmont break room a favorite spot for collaboration and productive breaks. Start designing an office pantry for your Belmont company today!

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