Vending machines and office coffee service in Burlingame

Enjoy a Wide Variety of Refreshments with Burlingame Vending Services

Today’s modern vending technology can bring a wider range of refreshments to your Burlingame break room. We offer snack, beverage, and food vending machines so that your staff can easily find their favorite refreshments at work. Our Burlingame vending services make improving your break room easy. We use remote monitoring to track inventory and restock your vending machines before you run out of products. Plus, your staff doesn’t have to worry about carrying cash around. Our vending machines accept credit card and mobile wallet payments. Bring your Burlingame team a better break room today!

Inspire Staff with Our Burlingame Office Coffee Service and Water Filtration

Motivate your staff by bringing a cafe-like experience to your Burlingame break room. With our Burlingame office coffee service, you can offer your staff specialty drinks and gourmet coffees and teas. Choose a traditional coffee brewer for serving hot coffee at meetings, or add a single-cup machine to personalize each cup of java. Our complete office coffee service includes everything you need from coffee equipment to quality beans, tea, creamer, sugar, and more. Want to take your coffee experience to the next level? Add our Burlingame water filtration service. With pure, filtered water, coffee and tea taste better than ever. Plus, your team will be more likely to enjoy drinking water and stay hydrated.

Micro markets and pantry services in Burlingame

Create a Unique Burlingame Micro-Market to Improve Your Break Room

Build your very own Burlingame micro-market to offer your staff a wide range of refreshments on-site! Imagine shelves filled with favorite snacks and glass front coolers stocked with sandwiches, salads, yogurt, and refreshing beverages. Your Burlingame micro-market will make it easier for your staff to grab healthy snacks and meals that keep them energized throughout the work day. A self-serve kiosk allows patrons to pay for their purchases using a credit card, mobile wallet, or cash. Plus, we use remote monitoring to track your inventory and restock when you need more refreshments. Improve your Burlingame break room with a micro-market today!

Boost Morale at Your Burlingame Organization with an Office Pantry

Bring your employees the ultimate employee benefit with our Burlingame office pantry service. An office pantry makes tasty complimentary refreshments available to your staff. Your team will never have to work through hunger again! Our Burlingame office pantry service takes care of everything from setting up the shelves and dispensers to keeping your break room stocked with refreshments. Your Burlingame staff will appreciate this wonderful employee perk. Get in touch to start designing your office pantry today!

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