vending machines and water filtration service in Palo Alto

Successful Palo Alto
Vending Service

Get vending machines that will enhance your Palo Alto business. BayCo Vending brings snack, beverage, and combination vending machines to your Palo Alto location, stocks them, and keeps them running. Your employees and customers benefit from onsite refreshment available at all times, day or night. The vending items are all brand name products and best sellers. Purchasing is effortless, because all our Palo Alto vending machines accept multiple forms of payment, including mobile pay and credit cards. It is another way we ensure a positive vending experience at your Palo Alto location.

Office Coffee & Water Service That Makes Any Palo Alto Office Better

Need Palo Alto office coffee service? From traditional coffee machines to single cup coffee brewers, BayCo Vending offers the best Palo Alto office coffee service. Enjoy fresh coffee, brewed right in the Palo Alto break room from whole beans using a bean to cup coffee machine. It’s easy to personalize the espresso or cappuccino with the bean to cup coffee brewer’s touch screen menu. We deliver coffee beans and handle maintenance so the single cup coffee brewer is always working. Palo Alto employees and guests will remember your coffee when you use our office coffee service.

Don’t just settle for office coffee service, opt for Palo Alto water filtration service as well. We will install a water filtration system to further enrich your Palo Alto break room experience. The filters remove chemicals and impurities that can affect the taste of water, including when it’s brewed into coffee and tea. The water then passes into a free standing water dispenser that delivers it on-demand to Palo Alto employees and customers. Filtered water will encourage your employees to style hydrated, improve your office coffee flavor, brew better tea, make tastier ice, and lots more.

office coffee and micro markets in Palo Alto

Palo Alto’s Best Micro-
Market Service

BayCo Vending delivers modern Palo Alto micro-market service. Employees get hundreds more options than offered from a vending machine due to a micro-market’s open shelves and glass-front coolers. Our Palo Alto micro-markets are filled with fresh food, healthy snacks, trendy drinks, and more. Palo Alto employees love being able to browse all the micro-market products, reading ingredient lists and the nutritional panel. Once ready to purchase, employees scan and pay themselves at the micro-market self-checkout kiosk. The micro-market kiosk is secure and easy to use with a touch screen and cashless enabled payment acceptance system. Plus, a micro-market can be customized to fit any size Palo Alto break room making it a perfect fit.

Nothing Beats Office Pantry for Palo
Alto Employees

Imagine a micro-market, but taken a step further, with free bulk snack and drink items available to employees. That is the essence of our Palo Alto office pantry service. Give us a budget and we will supply bulk cereal, candy, and nuts in dispensers for your Palo Alto break room. Add fresh fruit, cartons of milk, and even coffee for a more complete office pantry solution. Palo Alto employees will rave about the office pantry, and not want to leave enhancing overall employee retention for your Palo Alto company. The best part is that we take care of stocking and inventorying the Palo Alto office pantry, providing one simple invoice at the end of the month for what was eaten.

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