vending machines and office coffee service in Redwood City

Redwood City vending machines go above
and beyond

With our state-of-the-art vending machines, BayCo Vending has everything your Redwood City business wants and more! Our Redwood City vending machines provide a wide selection of artisan snacks and refreshment products. From freshly crafted sandwiches to refreshing beverage options, we have products that will take your break room above and beyond. To reflect your company culture, we will work directly with you to customize which products will be stocked in your Redwood City vending machines. Partner with BayCo to experience top-of-the-line technology, selection, and service!

Redwood City office coffee service and water filtration is top notch

With the installment of our Redwood City office coffee service, we promise to maximize productivity and morale in your break room! We offer several brewing systems that will fit any need your office demands. From single-cup brewers to a traditional brewing system, we have the services your employees love. Not only does our Redwood City office coffee service provide a wide selection of quality coffee, but also a positive environment!

Give your employees access to fresh, cold water all day long with our Redwood City water filtration service!

vending service and micro-markets in Redwood City

Innovative micro-markets in Redwood City

Our BayCo Vending micro-markets are the best addition to create an enjoyable break room experience for your Redwood City employees! Similar to an onsite mini convenience store, your Redwood City employees will have access to all of their favorite products. Our micro-markets are loaded with fresh meal options, trendy snacks, and refreshing drinks. We will even customize your product selection to give your company the best experience possible. Accessible 24/7 with self-serving kiosks, our Redwood City micro-markets encourage employees to enjoy them on their own schedule!

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