vending machines and water filtration service in Santa Clara

Santa Clara’s top of the line vending service

Allow the opportunity to experience a wide variety of vending service options for your Santa Clara office. Your employees will have the choice between several delicious beverage vending machine options such as sodas and juices in your Santa Clara break room! We are always stocked up with your personal favorites from Pepsi to Gatorade. Unhealthy food vending machine options are a thing of the past. By adding the benefit of our healthy lifestyle vending machine choices your Santa Clara employees will be able to make a speedy decision without the compromise of their well being. BayCo Vending will give your Santa Clara vending machines what they need!

Decadent office coffee service and water filtration in Santa Clara

Your Santa Clara office should be getting the best office coffee for employees. Upgrade your Santa Clara office coffee today with BayCo Vending. We give your Santa Clara break room top quality local and national coffee brands that will give your employees energy morning, afternoon, and evening. We provide your Santa Clara break room with modern and advanced coffee equipment that brews single cup or larger pot coffee choices. If you like specialty coffees, we also have perfect options for you. BayCo Vending has the office coffee you need to keep your business running efficiently at all times. Get your Santa Clara office coffee with BayCo Vending.

Your Santa Clara water filtration solutions are quick, simple, and affordable for your Santa Clara office. Your Santa Clara employees deserve quality drinking water with the convenience of not having to leave the office to stay hydrated. BayCo Vending will provide your Santa Clara break room with a variety of water filtration options to suit your needs!

office coffee and micro markets in Santa Clara

Expand your appetite with a Santa Clara micro-market

What is so great about Santa Clara micro-markets? There are so many reasons why micro-markets benefit your Santa Clara office! One: you can personalize your Santa Clara micro-market with the items you want to provide your employees access to. Two: having the convenience of on-site service is a huge bonus for current employees and potential talent. Three: our state-of-the-art micro-markets are equipped with self-checkout kiosks, 24/7 access, multiple payment method options such as mobile wallets and debit/credit cards, and automatic inventory and restocking service. Your Santa Clara employees will rejoice and gain the perk of eating healthy food and snack options and washing it down with a cool refreshing beverage. BayCo Vending gives you the tools for a successful Santa Clara micro-market!

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